From projects in Xadhadhan and Bunhodle which include two clinics, a school, and an agriculture project that provides well-drilling, water storage, and irrigation projects, Alalusi Foundation is working to make a difference.

Somalia Medical Relief

Alalusi Foundation shipped a full container load of medical equipment and supplies to the 450-bed Hawa Abdi Foundation Hospital near Mogadishu, as well as funding staff, and assisting with long-term development support. The Foundation also sent equipment, supplies, and funding for staff to a rural clinic in Xhadhadhan, which provides maternity care and basic medical care, as well as basic education, to a population which has never previously had any healthcare facility.



Alalusi Foundation provided support for basic education to schools in Somalia at Hawa Abdi Foundation Refugee Village near Mogadishu. Alalusi Foundation is currently providing ongoing support to the Gargaar Centre at Xhadhadhan in the northern Somaliland province.