Feeding the People of Mosul

Brothers and sisters,

Happy first Friday in this blessed Hijri year. InshaAllah it will be full of blessings for everyone.

Please take a look at this rather heartwarming video.

I just talked to Dr. Ahmed Alomari. They have two locations. The location rental was donated by the Godblessed landlords. 

The monthly cost of operation for both locations is $5,000. Workers are all volunteers.
To keep them on soup, rice and dry beans every day is a bit ????.
My suggestion will be to let them have an egg each, for a few days a week. Have some seasonal greens two to three times a week. And, to have seasonal fruit once or twice a week.
I am putting $2,000 a month into this improvement. We need another $2,000 a month to make it workable.
We need your help, please.
Also, I asked Dr. Ahmed to give me an estimate for having tables and chairs for the people to sit and enjoy this meal. This would be a one time item.
Waiting for your kind reply.
Thank you.
Wa salaam.