Disrupting poverty through Empowerment, not simply "Charity"

Alalusi Foundation’s projects have had a very wide range; the common focus has been on seeding projects with opportunities of potential long-term, “leveraged” impacts. We seek to give empowerment, not handouts – to provide people the tools and resources to resolve their problems themselves, employing the “teach a man to fish” principle.

For example, refugee women in Jordan were dependent on UN handouts for food, shelter, and clothing; Alalusi Foundation gave women sewing machines and bolts of cloth. Not only were they able to make clothes for themselves and their children, they were quickly in business making garments for sale. Very soon, they were able to provide for themselves, no longer dependent on handouts. In China, the poorest families in a village were each given four sheep, with an agreement not to sell the sheep, but to keep them in good condition; but all that the sheep produced would belong to the family: wool, milk – and offspring. Sheep usually bear twins; four sheep in Winter become twelve sheep by Fall, twenty-four by the next year. Soon these families were well-to-do enough, they could themselves donate four sheep to another family.

In all our projects, every penny donated goes straight to the project designated. Not a cent goes to overhead, expenses, or salaries. Our donors and sponsors can rest assured that their contributions are fully serving the causes they believe in.