Alalusi Foundation is pleased to announce support for the children and widows at HOMS League Abroad in Jordan.  There are approximately 28 widows and 70 children that live at the center.  There many orphans that live there as well. Each of the refugee children and mothers come with their own traumatic stories and grief. We would like everyone to join us on this journey as we begin to provide support for the children and widows.



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Rooms for Resilience Project Phases

Please join us on this journey! Alalusi Foundation is helping to heal refugee children, orphans, and widows by creating children’s activity rooms and opportunities at the center they live at. The center has a large basement and backyard that is unusable due to recent flood damage.  Each of the 70 refugee children and 28 widows come with their own traumatic stories and grief and are waiting for someone to notice them and give them a chance at life.

At the center, there are very little toys, sports equipment, art supplies, games, or technology for the children.

We have separated the project into manageable phases. Currently at the center, there are very few toys, sports equipment, art supplies or technology for the children. With your help we plan on hiring sports coaches, teaching social emotional curriculum to the children, offering various workshops, and provide parenting/self-care workshops to the mothers.

Phase 1Backyard with soccer and basketball area (Completed)
Phase 2Indoor great play and multi-purpose room
Phase 3Art room and prayer room
Phase 4Classroom and small library area
Phase 5Technology/computer
Total CostsEstimated Project Costs for Phases 1-5: $150,000

The Alalusi foundation is pleased to announce the completion of phase 1!
The backyard has been completed with a soccer area, basketball area, and swing set. Soccer classes have begun for the children after school and on the weekends. The children are no longer playing in the dangerous streets and have a safe place to play.
It was an incredible experience to see the impact the backyard has had on the children. The children are laughing, smiling, and playing in the backyard.  Given the success and impact of the backyard, we know the rest of the project is achievable and have seen the great impact it can have on the children’s lives.
– Saadia Hameed

Thank you so very much for your interest and contribution!

For more Information about HOMS League Abroad, click here.
Project Lead: Saadia Hameed, Licensed Educational Psychologist