Progress Report – 12/2019

Making Change

Making Change

Making Change

With the support of generous donors like you, this whole year has been busy with new projects, and expansions of old!

We have been able to expand our support for orphans in Mosul, Iraq. Our aid to refugees in Jordan has increased, and has grown to include projects in Lebanon and Turkey. In Somalia, our assistance to the clinic and school at Xadhadhan has continued, and improvements to the water project there has had great effect. None of these could have been accomplished without the generous support of our donors.

Jazakullah khair! May God richly reward you all!

Audiology Mission – Jordan

War and civil conflict have long-term health effects that are often overlooked. One common injury from bombings and explosions is hearing damage, especially among children.

From 25 October to 2 November Alalusi Foundation with its partner Entheos sent a team of audiologists and ENT surgeons to Jordan, where they spent three full days working in Irbid, Jarash, and Zarqa.

More than 150 children were examined and fitted with hearing aids donated by Alalusi Foundation. During this visit, the team also visited other refugee centers in Irbid and Zarqa. The team was hosted for dinners by the community at Al-Hussun Center in Irbid and later by Dar al-Atta Center of Homs League Abroad.


The water projects are ongoing, providing water for irrigation as well as drinking water.

Water is life! Irrigation has expanded planting and food production.

The Xadhadhan School is expanding by adding new students and teachers. The Xhadhadan Clinic is adding more new medicines and a part-time nurse. 

Education Assistance

Alalusi Foundaiton added support for seven new medical and engineering students studying in Turkey, Palestine, and Egypt.



Alalusi Foundatin's Iraq Orphans Project is still supporting orphans throughout the country. Our main current focus has been at Mosul, where the need is tremendous. After the defeat of ISIS / DAESH, the people of Mosul feel that they have been abandoned by everyone. From what we have heard first-hand from people there on the ground, Mosul is a city in disaster. Any and all help is welcomed and greatly needed.



We ask for your help to support orphans in Iraq, and Sryian orphans and widows at the Homs League Abroad centers in Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey.