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Ramadhan Mubarak

RAMADHAN MUBARAK This Ramadhan is a very difficult one for all Muslims.   Specifically in Gaza and all Palestinian territories which are under deprivation, destruction, hunger and attempts of migration/displacement.   People in Gaza are reported to be forced into a continuous fasting because no food is available. Some people break their “fasting” with water, […]

Feeding the People of Mosul

This project started by the Feal Alkhayrat Society (FAS) in Mosul in 2021 with one center/kitchen to feed people.The kitchen was donated by the owner. Groceries and other supplies were donated by local people or directly by FAS. Within a year and a half FAS extended it into five centers around Mosul.Our donors contributed generously […]

Update: Somalia

In the first quarter of 2019, the Alalusi Foundation supported clinic in Xadhadhan, Somalia has already served the medical needs of 1,000 children and adults in the village as well as to provided outreach to nomads. We are pleased to see the progress made by the dedicated staff of the clinic, school, and farm. Just […]