Update: Somalia

Alhamudilah the school is still running and the students are still showing up to classes. These past few months all our attention has been focused on the drought. We have been occupied with helping our community and family members back home especially those in Xadadan.

It has been a struggle since all their livestock died and as you know water is life. We do not want the Xadadan people to feel like they must go to other locations in order to survive. We want the community to continue to settle where they are and continue to have what they established.

Unfortunately, the situation is getting worse for the community, recently the cholera disease started in Buhodla and has spread to Xadadan. We have hired a male nurse to give people IV fluids to the community in the clinic.

The midwife nurse have been helping the community in other ways such as giving medication. However, they are both overwhelmed because they need more help and we are working on that issue. In addition, we have educated and gave awareness to the community about the cholera disease and how to stop it's spread. We also taught them about how to keep themselves and their community hygienic. With the animals that have died, we have taught them how to burn it because if it rains we do not want the dead livestock to contaminate the water.

The students at the school have been helping the community burn waste and clean up the street. Below are some photos showing the students volunteering, patients at the clinic, the food that was provided to the community.

Alhamdulilah Allah has sent his mercy down on the people by providing rain throughout Somalia recently.

Inshallah the matters here get better.

Hayat Ali (May 2017)